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Steps to Video Creation

**Visit "example videos" to watch videos we created about how and why to create video**


Steps to creating videos

There are many steps and variations to creating a video. Below we highlight some of the steps to consider when planning your video creation


  1. Needs assessment- who is your audience, what are the learning objectives?

  2. What educational method(s) might best meet those objectives?

  3. If video is chosen, given consider how it will fit in as part of a larger interactive/ collabortative/ refllective curriculum to avoid passive learning. Consider what type of video you will use (narrative, cartoon, skills based, whiteboard, screen recording, etc.) and what type of device most of your learners will be viewing it on (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.)


  1. Script your video, considering narration, visuals, timing of each segment and equipment needed. Invite peer editing. (See sample table below)

  2. Consider what type of video editing or rapid animation software (RAS) you want to use.

Recording and Editing

  1. If audio is being recorded separately from visuals, record good quality audio first. Consider equipment such as microphones, pop filters and sound dampeners (similar to the principles in Podcasting).

  2. Edit your audio using software such as Audacity or audio recording options available within RAS.

  3. Build in visuals to match audio, making sure that the visuals complement the audio but do not provide too much cognitive overload for the learner.

  4. If shooting video, consider lighting, sound, video stability (tripod or gimbal), orientation of video frame (landscape), orientation of subject matter and video focus, and addition of other visual materials, sound bites or background music.


  1.  Decide on where you will host your video such as YouTube, Vimeo, TedEd or a private website.

  2. Consider posting transcript of video or having optional closed captions.


  1. Use social media to invite dissemination and interactivity around your video.

  2. Encourage viewers to provide feedback/comment on your video +/- to subscribe.

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