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Example Podcasts

Learn more about the steps to creating a podcast for Health Professions Education by clicking on the track below

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​There are many excellent podcasts related to Health Professions Education. Below is a non-exaustive list of podcasts that may be helpful:

  • KeyLIME (Key Literature in Medical Education) - This podcast explores the latest research and literature in medical education, providing insights and discussions for educators, researchers, and practitioners.

  • Harvard Macy Podcast - Produced by the Harvard Macy Institute, this podcast covers a wide range of topics in health professions education. It features interviews with experts, discussions on innovative teaching methods, and insights into educational research.

  • MedEdTalk - This podcast focuses on medical education and features conversations with leading experts in the field. It covers topics such as curriculum development, assessment strategies, and technology in medical education.

  • The Clinical Problem Solvers - Hosted by a team of clinical educators, this podcast delves into the art and science of clinical problem-solving. It explores diagnostic reasoning, clinical reasoning errors, and approaches to enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

  • Curbsiders - Although not specifically focused on medical education, Curbsiders is an excellent example of a podcast that delivers valuable medical knowledge. It features expert interviews covering various medical topics, clinical pearls, and practical tips for healthcare professionals.

  • Medutopia - Medutopia is a podcast dedicated to medical education innovation. It explores cutting-edge teaching methodologies, educational technology, and ways to enhance the learning experience for medical students and residents.

  • The Short Coat Podcast - Hosted by medical students at the University of Iowa, this podcast offers a unique perspective on medical education. It covers a wide range of topics, including medical school experiences, study tips, and advice for aspiring healthcare professionals.

  • About Empathy Podcast Provides powerful healthcare provider, patient and caregiver narratives around empathy for health professional education.

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