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Sample Videos

1. How to create video

(Featuring amination software Powtoon)

Also on Vimeo

How to create a video

How to create a video

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2. Why choose video?

(Featuring whiteboard software Videoscribe)

Also on YouTube 

Why choose video

Why choose video

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Below are other videos/ Youtube channels in health professions education worth exploring:

Patient/caregiver education

1. Doc Mike Evans

YouTube channel using whiteboard animation for healthcare preventative medicine education

2. Dr Andrea Furlan

YouTube channel using live action videos in chronic pain

3. Recovery From Stroke. Animated videos on stroke rehabilitation and recovery

There are many videos related to procedural and clinical skills, or clinical content. Readers are encouraged to contact their local faculty development office, to find resources best suited to their institutional and cultural context.

Educational Technology Faculty Development (EdTechFacDev) for Health Professions Education

There are numberous YouTube channels showing "how to" use technology software, sometimes in an educational context.  However, this is typically in kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12), not healthcare, context. Since technology is constantly changing, readers are encouraged to follow some of these tech gurus, however, care should be given to consider how this relates to a healthcare and educational context. (Education First, Technology Second princples). Some examples include:

1. Kevin Stratvert

2. Common Sense Education

3. Cult of Pedagogy

4. Elearning Guild

Health Professions Education specific EdTechFacDev channels are more rare, and are often difficult to keep up to date, but include:

1. Synchronous (live Online) Teaching and Learning- launched at the start of COVID-19 to provide faculty development on Zoom in a health professions context

2. The Medical Futurist

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